Amazing campaign photos

Florida: Obama and Clinton (Bill)

Obama and family traveling during the campaign. It´s nice to see they dress in "normal" clothes, walk barefoot when inside and can curl confortably in couches.

How many miles had Barack shoes walked during the campaign?

I do not like this one. He may be doing push ups but it just reminds me of hanged men.

Some very funny virals about the campaign :

Obama, McCain and Palin dance viral video.
Vlad and Boris sing a song for Palin
Sarah Palin Disney trailer

The 30 minutes prime time ad from Obama. Notice how there is no mention of the words Republican, Bush, McCain, Palin... There are no negative comments, no personal attacks ...just a calm and focused Obama addressing the nation with a flag on the background, some beautiful footage and a well directed movie. But wasn´t 30 minutes and several million dollars a little to much for an ad? Will people be misleading into thinking he is the messiahs?


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