View of Googleplex- Google main office in the US

Google universe of products/companies:

- Writely- Bought by Google . Currently part of Google docs. Online document editor and share tool.
- Blogger - This crap where I am writing. Blogs!
- Android - Open source platform for mobile comunications. Already 6 patents in registration. Still to appear on the market in a mobile or handheld device. Google already has several products included in Blackberries in the US - Google Talk, Sync and Updater; Maps mobile. While Gmail mobile appear in some Palm models (Treo).
- YouTube - Do I need to talk about this one? It is very popular but seems to be going without direction just like Blogspot.... Is there something new and useful in these two? No.
- Jotspot- Bought by Google. A wiki hosting service. Currently "included" in Google sites, a service to create professional looking websites cooperatively.
- Loopt- Bought by Google. A GPS based social network for mobile devices. ( Interesting how Google recently bought a lot of things for mobile devices...). Unfortunately not available in Europe.
- Scribd- Publish and share documents online. Ideal for students and teachers. Saves paper!
- - Philanthropic organization owned by Google. Aid and green activities sponsored. Non profit.
- Double Click - Internet advertising company.
- Google Inc. - The mother company.
- Google earth and Google Maps- Virtual earth viewer. Developed by Keyhole Inc. a company bought by Google. Google later also Bought and integrated Panoramio (a Geolocation photo tool) in Google Earth. Currently includes integration with 3Dwarehouse and Google Sketchup products - These were also bought products/companies by Google. Other flavors in Maps: Sky, Moon and Mars. What we see today in Google Earth a dn in Maps is the result of Google buying several companies or products over the years. Acquired companies were working in several areas- Aerial photo, Geolocation, 3D, Mapping, computer vision, map analysis.
-Postini- Email security company bought by Google.
- Jaiku- A Finnish micro blogging company bought by Google this year.
-Google docs - Online cooperative word processor, spreadsheet , presentations etc... Includes Calendar management, creation and publishing. Another Google product Apps is an "integrator" of Google products targeted for business professionals- Can integrate Google docs with Gmail and Google sites in a custom domain site.
- Notebook - Application to save online clippings.
Google search engine- in flavors like Scholar, Patent, Product, Code and Regular. All of them very useful!
-igoogle - costumizable start page in browser.
- Trends - a lot of products to analyse trends are been tested in Google labs. Including music trends.
- Urchin- Web analytics company bought by Google.
- Ride Finder- A product being tested in Google Labs after the acquisition of ZipDash, a company working in traffic analysis.
-AOL- giant of Broadband internet access in the US. Bought in 2005 by Google.
- Grand central - voice communications product.
- Marratech- e-conferences

Other products:
- Google News, Google Maps, Talk, SMS, Adsense, Adwords, Audio Ads, Click to call, TV ads, Google Groups, Gmail, Picasa, Google translate, Feed burner and Google reader (rss readers), Joga Bonito and Dodgeball and Orkut (social networks), Desktop, toolbar, Google books.

full list of Google
full list of Google acquisitions as of 2007.

did I mention Google gadgets? An array of Knick-Knacks for your desktop !