Name: Don Juan
Rua Helena Vieira da Silva 320 Paço da Boa Nova - Leça da Palmeira (near Porto)
Webpage: no
Location/Decor: Soberb location with sea/beach view. Modern and appealing trendy decor.
Service: Good, Professional.
Food: Spanish and Portuguese contemporary cuisine.
Wine list: reasonable.

It is supposed to be a Spanish and tapas restaurant. But although there are some spanish items on the menu, like Paella and Setas, most of the dishes are not typical Spanish food.

What I had:
Burgos Morcilla (black pudding) - fake Burgos morcilla with very little rice and a lot of grease. A diminute portion of 3 slices was served.
Sirloin steak - good meat well cooked. A very small steak with 4 small potato chip slices and a miniature portion of cole slaw (17 €).
Asparagus with Scrambled eggs and shrimps - Did you ever see sliced asparagus in scrambled eggs? Neither did I until yesterday. Asparagus were almost raw and sliced. Eggs were badly scrambled with yolk and white not mixed on part of the dish. Unpersonnal and sparse shrimps with no taste at all.

It is clear that the chef does not know what he is doing. This is an overpriced restaurant, serving bad food in very small portions. A trendy place that will surely disapear in 5 years

Average price:
30 €/person
1 (range 0-5. 5 for excellent. 0 for awful)

This food column represents my personal opinions and is not in any way connected to commercial interests.


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