The "molecular gastronomy" inventions of mr. Adrià seem to be copied everywhere. So here's 3 molecular mixology drinks for the summer:

1- The Edible Martini- How to vacuum infuse a Martini inside a cucumber (video demo). A beginners recipe involving wasting a lot of alcohol.

2- The Molecular Mojito - Can be done by any undergraduate chemistry student with access to liquid nitrogen and CO2 bottles.

3- B-52 jelly shots

170 mL Kahlúa
170 mL Baileys
170 mL Grand Marnier
24 g gelatin sheets (4.7%)

Place each liqueur in separate bowls and add 8 g gelatin to each. Cover and leave until gelatin has softened. Pour Kahlúa/gelatin into a saucepan and heat over low heat until gelatin dissolves. Strain to remove any remaining solids. Pour liquid into a 10 x 20 cm pan lined with plastic wrap. Cool for about one hour. Repeat with Baileys, and then with Grand Marnier, pouring the newly prepared liqueur on top of the set liqueur in the mold. Cut into pieces and serve.
When mixing gelatin and alcohol follow the correlation:

% gelatin to add = (% alcohol in final mix x 0.1) + 2

Otherwise you will not get a jelly-like final product.


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